Author: Daniel Patrick

It’s a dog’s life

Arrived back at home to find the chap keeping the power lines clear had run over our top dog Ted at our home, despite special instructions to look out for the deaf old dog. I rushed him to the vet where we soon realised it was time for goodbyes rather than hope. I thanked him […]

A Land Rover for all people

Today I sat in a very smart Land Rover Discovery, the one with the bells and whistles, the V8 with the heated leather seats (only mock if you live in the Welsh Hills). The neighbour was looking to down size his fleet of Jaguars and Land Rovers and I was attracted by the seven seats […]

What would yew do with it?

We sell as much waste and windfall as we can. Windfall tends to come from local farmers and land owners. The waste primarily comes from commercial packaging waste into kindling, as well as ‘arrisings’ from local tree surgeons. Recently we cleared 100 cubic metres from a local manor house near Oswestry. It is a very […]

Welcome to our new website.

Working on the principle that enough monkeys working on typewriters can eventually write the works of Shakespeare, we have hired a (very cheap) monkey – who works for peanuts – to create a new web site for us. Hopefully it’s clearer, easier to navigate and more informative. We’d welcome your comments about whether the new […]

Rounders and toasted marshmallows

Had the pleasure and privilege of spending the evening with the Brownies, invited as part of their Father Days fun celebrations. We played rounders using the grave stones as bases, dads and granddads against the girls. We had hot dogs and toasted marshmallows. The joys of parenthood, although some say it gets harder as they […]