Spring and Summer Orders

Here at TVF HQ we burn approximately 60 cubic metres of firewood each year and have done so for many years now; this is 20 cubic meters. If you have the space to store your winter fuel supply, spring and early summer is the time to have it delivered. You then know that it is ready in place for when you need it. There are a number of advantages to this, you can specify the length and width of your firewood to match the burners that you have. We will share the transport savings involved in larger deliveries and reflect the shorter return on investment, making your firewood even more economical. Generally the prices are fixed for a year, so if you book your next year's firewood now, your discount will be based on last year's prices, which we are currently still working on. The discount is likely to be around 10% depending on your particular requirements, glad to work with you to reduce waste and keep costs down.