A very warm welcome!

Welcome to Tanat Valley Firewood where we aim to supply all your firewood requirements, whether you use it to heat your home or sell it on as part of your retail business. We provide everything you may need to start a fire and then maintain it long into the night. We supply logs to meet your requirements, from short logs that will fit the tiniest of log burners to the large bio mass boilers that will heat your farm or business premises. Serving the area around our base at Pen-y-Bont, we supply to clients in Oswestry, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Wrexham and all parts of Powys and north Shropshire.

Most domestic firewood is delivered in a barrow bag, which enables us to position the firewood just where you want it. We can take it up the garden path, through the gate or leave it in the corner of the garage. We can leave the waterproof bags with you and collect them on our next delivery, or we can empty them out, whatever works for you. This means that you don't come home in the rain to find that there is a dumpy bag getting wet that you have to move before you can get the car on the drive. A barrow bag is approximately one quarter of a cubic metre, you get about three of them to a standard 'dumpy' bag.

Larger quantities can be delivered direct on trailer; we will be glad to share savings in transport costs. We also offer a pallet delivery service to commercial customers. In addition we can provide merchandising services as well as stock management and just in time deliveries to shops and service stations.

We accept and encourage bank transfer against an invoice, which means that you do not need to be present when we deliver, just tell us where you would like it and we will confirm the exact arrival time, send you a proof of delivery and pop the invoice through your door.

We strive to provide sustainable firewood from the Tanat Valley, converting windfall and waste into domestic, carbon neutral fuel. Engaging with local farmers, wood mills and tree surgeons to source firewood from the locality keeps our carbon footprint down, which is offset by a scheme of tree planting in the valley. At Tanat Valley Firewood we believe in thinking globally whilst acting locally, helping to support the environment as well as the local economy.

By supporting us, you are enabling our family to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle on our thriving small holding, pursuing quality of life rather than standard of living goals. You can read more about what we do and why on the blog page. We aim to pass on the benefit of our knowledge to friends and clients in our local area, maximising the benefits of low cost heating whilst running a sound ecology biased business. The service we offer is based on quality, honesty and reliability, using experience gained over twenty years in heating a large rural property, strong partnership arrangements with suppliers on a fairly traded basis, backed up by a long career in transport and distribution: we aim to put the log back into logistics.