The mower for me

Anyone who read my blog last year on ‘the mower for me,’ may be interested in an update on the grass cutting up here at TVF HQ that lead me to exclaim to the Woodcutter’s wife: My life is complete!

Recently I was delivering four barrow bags to a regular customer, however when he saw my truck load of very dry oak, he wanted it all! A quick calculation gave us a monetary value or I would trade for his 50 year old lawn tractor (which he had previously suggested might be for sale). I was delighted when he went for the trade and a week later it was loaded on the truck and heading for a new home in the hills.

It ran beautifully for five minutes before cutting out with a splutter reminiscent of an old smokers cough. Assuming it was out of fuel, I refueled it, but still no joy. I changed the fuel filter and then took the fuel tank off to clean it out, using the jet wash to cash any debris out. I dried it out, refitted it which took a considerable amount of time, clearly designed by someone with extremely long and narrow, witchlike fingers. So, all clean, with a new filter and ready for its first refuel; which just poured out of a pin hole in the bottom of the tank!

A close friend suggested that his neighbour may be able to braze or weld the tank, so off it came and off it went, to be returned a week later with a clean bill of health. I took the time to paint it, twice, to ensure that it would give years of active service and keep the Woodcutters’ wife delighted at the neatness of TVF HQ.

So in a blaze of glorious sunshine, I refitted the sparkling tank, refueled it, said a prayer to Our Lady of Internal Combustion, who answered my prayer and off we went. Within an hour I had changed the landscape round here, tamed some of the four acres that surround the house. I came back into the house to make my exclamation and be showered with praise, basking in the glory of a tidy frontage to the house.

I returned to the mower to find a lose wire dangling. The ignition completely dead and nowhere obvious to stick back the wire. I try and be philosophical about it: I have furthered my knowledge of four stroke fuel systems, understood more about petrol tanks and who can repair them, as well general mower maintenance.  I also managed to cut the grass in record time! Not quite sure where to go with it from here, but sometimes you do not know the destination until you have started the journey, perhaps someone reading this will ping me an message to say where to stick it! So the quest for the mower for me continues and reminds me that the road to happiness is always under construction, albeit a bit overgrown sometimes.