Everything I Need I Have

I had been expecting to spend the day fencing with a friend today, earn a few pounds to help with the weeks housekeeping. Instead I spend the day catching up with a myriad of jobs around that I have been putting off for a while. Leaving the corporate world was going to enable me to keep on top of the family smallholdings and make a proper contribution to domestic chores and child rearing. The reality is something different, being self employed, always working and keeping busy, the chores never get done and the list grows.

I was able to overcome my inclination to spend the day processing firewood (although I did split the last few rings down at the yard, checking out our new splitter) and live for the day, enjoy our beautiful surroundings and catch up. I cleared the gutters, mowed the grass, sawed up a fallen tree in the orchard, fixed up the guinea pigs house and even managed to loosen off the top link on the tractor and have lunch with The Wood Cutters Wife. We had our regular Friday afternoon tea with the in laws and supper of psygod a sglodion, when the neighbour arrived to fetch his sheep for their annual hair cut, later drinking frothy coffee together and discussing the state of the nation.

Wonderful to be at home, to keep on top of jobs, to commune with family and friends. So what if I didn’t earn any money today, the children wont go hungry and we wont get repossessed. I am a richer person for having invested time in people and in place. I have long come to realise here is little or no value in me spending my time away from the community, commuting to another place to transact for the benefit of distant share holders; I no longer wish to worship at the alter of profit for financial gain alone. What did you do today?