The Burning Issue

I turned the heating down by one degree this week, apparently that saves 10% of your heating bill or at least that used to be the case. With oil now at 155.35p per litre (Boiler Juice), up from 68.66p the day Russian tanks rolled into the Ukraine, my one degree just isn’t enough. But I […]

The mower for me

Anyone who read my blog last year on ‘the mower for me,’ may be interested in an update on the grass cutting up here at TVF HQ that lead me to exclaim to the Woodcutter’s wife: My life is complete! Recently I was delivering four barrow bags to a regular customer, however when he saw […]

The joys of parenting

Being self employed means that you get to go to watch your daughter’s disco dancing as part of the local Welsh cultural inter school competition. It is so joyful that the Woodcutters’ Wife and I take it in turns attending, as to share the joy. The dancing saw gymnastics not seen in their parents for […]

Now I am 50

I am finding that I am a lot more chilled, now that I am in my fifties. It has come a lot sooner than I had anticipated; it does not seem such a long time ago that I was starting out on my journey through life as an adult.  The thirty years I have left, […]

VAT and Shop

Busy week responding to the demand for part seasoned firewood ahead of going VAT registered. My attempt at direct marketing worked for me with an approximate 25% take up rate, with one person ordering and paying for next years demand, part of which will be delivered now with the remaining loads being delivered as required […]

Spring Is Here

After a particularly long winter with three bouts of snow, followed by extended periods of generally wet weather, we briefly enjoyed an early summer last week. What does it mean to a firewood merchant and what about the work life balance that being my own boss was going to bring me?   I sit here […]

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