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Risk and Fish Cake

‘Where’s your phone?’ he asked as he looked down at me lying on the concrete floor of The Cow Shed, no trace of emotion or concern in his voice. ‘It’s in the van,’ I replied matter of factly as I looked through the hole in the roof that I had fallen through. Curling my toes […]

A simple lunch

  Continuing with the theme yesterday, I was counting my blessings over lunch of pumpkin soup, focaccia, parmesan and tomato,  I called it a pizza and the Wood Cutters Wife pulled some basil off a plant on the window sill to complete the delicacy. Saturday lunch with the Guardian while the rain poured with the fire going […]

Sustainable Energy

Anyone spot the make of car visiting TVF HQ today? No, I am not much of a car buff either, but I can say that this is a Tesla electric car, driven by the energy efficiency company that came to advise us on our energy usage and consumption over the next twenty years. We already […]

Living Woods Article

Living Woods Article Introduction “Helping you economically heat your home with sustainable firewood from the Tanat Valley, by converting windfall and waste into manageable, clearly defined domestic carbon neutral fuel.” At least that is what my website says, but what does that mean? Is it just marketing blurb or a statement of intent, a road […]

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