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Christmas Presents

It is the season of goodwill to all people and many of us express our love by giving gifts. The gifts that I have had suggest that I am not only much loved, but those doing the gifting have given very thoughtful gifts that reflect who I am. Let me share some of those with […]

Family Life On The Welsh Hillside

Welcome to The Woodcutters Blog. Keeping up with my Facebook page has given me an interesting insight into social medial as a platform for creativity, trading and communicating (almost 3000 people saw the post about my recent accident). But not everyone is that interested in firewood and whose to blame them? I am exploring the […]

Diazepam and Grace Jones

Modern life here on the hillside is probably much the same with your average urban late 40 something’s (me not The Woodcutters Wife). Family time at the library this morning, home for lunch before Beth goes out to assist with fine dining at the local boutique hotel that is her second job, leaving me to […]

There is a mower for everyone

This I was told that recently by a very knowledgeable and experienced agricultural engineer. Was it an analogy for finding your partner in life? Can it change and adapt to meet your changing needs? Anyway, the mower he was showing me was £3500 second hand and I wondered what the Woodcutters Wife would say? The […]

Risk and Fish Cake

‘Where’s your phone?’ he asked as he looked down at me lying on the concrete floor of The Cow Shed, no trace of emotion or concern in his voice. ‘It’s in the van,’ I replied matter of factly as I looked through the hole in the roof that I had fallen through. Curling my toes […]

Zen and the art of social media

This is our old Land Rover, we love it dearly despite it being very uncomfortable. loud, heavy and thirsty. It lives in the barn, always starts and stops when you want it to and generally it runs like the well engineered vehicle it is. Unfortunately through lack of use and not keeping a lot of […]

A simple lunch

  Continuing with the theme yesterday, I was counting my blessings over lunch of pumpkin soup, focaccia, parmesan and tomato,  I called it a pizza and the Wood Cutters Wife pulled some basil off a plant on the window sill to complete the delicacy. Saturday lunch with the Guardian while the rain poured with the fire going […]

Everything I Need I Have

I had been expecting to spend the day fencing with a friend today, earn a few pounds to help with the weeks housekeeping. Instead I spend the day catching up with a myriad of jobs around that I have been putting off for a while. Leaving the corporate world was going to enable me to […]

Sustainable Energy

Anyone spot the make of car visiting TVF HQ today? No, I am not much of a car buff either, but I can say that this is a Tesla electric car, driven by the energy efficiency company that came to advise us on our energy usage and consumption over the next twenty years. We already […]

Living Woods Article

Living Woods Article Introduction “Helping you economically heat your home with sustainable firewood from the Tanat Valley, by converting windfall and waste into manageable, clearly defined domestic carbon neutral fuel.” At least that is what my website says, but what does that mean? Is it just marketing blurb or a statement of intent, a road […]

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